Surgical Orthodontics  Hackettstown, NJ


EXPANDER: The most common appliance which is used when the upper jaw is narrow compared to lower jaw and to gain additional space when there is crowding present.

REVERSE PULL-HEADGEAR: It is used in kids to modify growth orthopedically, usually between 8-10 years age with an underbite or with significant underbite growth tendency. Underbites can be very difficult to correct at later ages and often require surgery in the adult years, so early treatment can be very important.

MARA: It is used to correct the overbite, when the lower jaw is too far backwards. This appliance adds the benefit of improving chin projection when the lower jaw is recessive.

HABIT CORRECTORS: Used as an aid to stop a thumb, finger or tongue habit which negatively affects the position of the teeth and bite.

LOWER LINGUAL HOLDING ARCH: It is used to gain or maintain space in the lower jaw with or without premature loss of baby teeth.

NANCE: It is used to maintain space in the upper jaw with premature loss of baby teeth.

RETAINERS: They are used to hold the teeth in place after the orthodontic treatment.

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