Braces  Hackettstown, NJ

There are many advantages of having orthodontic treatment and having well aligned teeth. Crowded and misaligned teeth are hard to clean which eventually can result in tooth decay, gum problems and tooth loss. Abnormal bite and ill positioned teeth can lead to abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, inefficient chewing forces and jaw problems. A thorough orthodontic treatment can improve the health of your teeth and gums, giving you the sense of confidence and self esteem at the same time.

Through the light continuous forces of specially formed wires in combination to the well positioned brackets, the teeth would move to the correct position over the course of treatment. We are excited to share that at Gemstone Orthodontics, we offer different types of braces that suit your look and lifestyle. We offer brackets with changeable colors or subtle tooth colored that are much less noticeable.

Orthodontic treatment time vary based on the severity of the problem and some other factors such skeletal and dental growth of a patient. After thorough diagnosis and treatment planning, Dr. Patel and our team would go through all the options available to you to get started with your smile transformation journey!

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